Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Video 1 - Intro To Three Post System

    • Video 2 - The Magic Of Being Fully Connected

    • Video 3 - The Roadmap To Connection

    • Building An Unbreakable Connection To Your Brand Part 1

    • Building An Unbreakable Connection To Your Brand Part 2

    • Creating Credibility Through How-To Content

    • How To Create Social Content That SELLS

    • Creating The Branding VORTEX

    • The Ultimate Leverage - How To Have Other People Create AMAZING Content FOR YOU.

    • The Ultimate Leverage Part 2 - Instant Gratification In Real Time

    • Taking Advantage of The Power of Engagement

    • Amplifying Your Facebook Engagement Organically

    • Amplifying Your Instagram Engagement Organically

    • RESULTS: Look how crazy-successful our "Ultimate Leverage" Experiment Was!

    • Your DAILY Offer-Content Plan (How to get this stuff done super fast with ZERO stress :-)

    • Your Daily CONNECTION Content Plan

    • Your Daily How-To Content Plan (One week's worth of content in 10 minutes!)

  2. 2
    • The Five Dollar Formula To Fame - The Two Core Audiences

    • What To Promote First: Finding Your Pillar Post

    • Creating Your First Evidence Based Branding Ad

    • The Five-Dollar-Famous Approach In Action

    • Indoctrination - Deepening The Bond And Strengthening The Brand With Your Invisible List

    • Deep Indoctrination - Creating The Sequential Journey

    • Seeing The Sequential Journey In Action

    • Creating The Actual Sequential Campaign